Romică and Adina Tilă

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Working with Global Church Movement CRU Romania

      Dear friends, 

       It’s our joy and privilege to introduce ourselves to you.

We are Romica and Adina Tila, we are married for 22 years and we have two kids:  17 years old and  10 years old. We've been working  with CRU Romania, since 2000. Each of us heard the Gospel, during our student life through CRU .

I, Romica, have come to university withdifferent thoughts, but not get to know God. My goal was to make a carrier, to be an influent man, to have fun and to search fulfilment in everything life had to after. But, from the beginning of university, before courses, a student working with CRU come to me and told me how I could have a personal relationship with God. I understood many more things then about Jesus and I received Him in my heart as Lord and Saviour. Since then my life has changed and turned into the right direction.

Adina- my greatest dream was to become a good student and to know a lot of things, thinking that they will make me more special than the others around me. Thus, I started to read much philosophy, psychology and about oriental religions and for a short time I practiced yoga. I did this thing hoping I would find the inner fulfilment that I needed so. But, all these led me into a strong depression. During this very hard time when life seemed senseless, two girls from “CRU ” come into my room and told me about Jesus Christ and how He can change my life. I let Him into my heart as Lord and Saviour and since than everything have been different. He brought joy on my face, peace in my heart and my life started to have a new sense and fulfilment.

Both of us, after we have known God, we noticed that the people around of us feel the same need for God. Thus, even during our student life, we started to go and share the Good News with other students. After graduation, we understood that God called us to keep on sharing this Good News, but this time as staff fulltime within the mission "CRU ". Giving up the jobs for which we have prepared all those years and adopting a new style of life, created opposition and pressure from our parents and relatives who could not understand what was going on. All those things did not discourage us, but made us stronger in faith and in what Jesus has called us to do.


                                    With love and appreciation,
                                                           Romica and Adina

Phone: 0741272036