Nelu and Natalia SUCIU

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My name is Nelu Suciu and my wife is Natalia and you are serving with CRU in Romania since 1998.
We got married in June 2002, and in August 2003 we were blessed with our daughter, Sarah and in September 2006 with our son, Andrei. As a family, we worked among college students for 12 years.

Started with August 2010, we are also involve helping young families in Romania, with FAMILY LIFE Romania. We have devoted our lives bringing biblical principles to people and families in ways that positively change their lives. 

We know that without the people who are praying and giving, our work would not be possible.
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May God bless you!

Suciu Nelu&Natalia
Phone number: +40741272032
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facebook: nelusuciubirou