Mircea and Carmen Iordan

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Serving the Lord with Campus Crusade for Christ in Romania, Eastern Europe

Dear friend in Christ,
It's a joy and privilege to work with God for His kingdom! I would like to share with you about God's calling for us in this Ministry.

My name is Mircea Iordan. In short time after revolution I had my first Biblie. I was 12 years old. The word of God meant very much for me and I have read the Bible with gladness. It was like I discovered a treasure. I tried then to do some good facts with my power but without success. After a time I gave up to the Bible and started to live my life like anyone of my friends. I knew something from Bible, I was reading sometimes from it, I had a religious education from home and all this stopped me to do what my friends did. But wickedness, selfishness, envies and others were in me and many friends suffered because of me. I believed that I was a good person because I was reading from Bible from time to time and I wasn't like the others.

In University I met a group of young Christians students from Campus Crusade for Christ (Alege Viata in Romania), and they become my best friends and I liked to heard about God from them. I started to attend an evangelical church, but my heart was not changed, my sins were still there. A day came when God opened my eyes and I saw my wickedness: how I hurt the people with my words, how I lived only for myself, how I was full of selfishness and my own desire to have and how I didn't care too much about the others. When I saw all these I believed that for me is no forgiveness anymore.

But then a pastor told me: "Faith means to believe in what Jesus did on the cross and to trust in the Word of God". For the first time in my life I started to read the Bible in a different way: not like any book, but in the way it is: the truth and the real Word of God. I believed that the blood of Jesus Christ can clean all of my sins. In that moment all the guilt for my sins has vanished and the peace of Jesus came in my heart. From that moment I had the confidence that I will spend the eternal life in Heaven with God. And I wanted to help others to find out about this Savior who is Jesus. So for almost ten years now, I have been working with Campus Crusade in reaching the people for God.

Carmen was in her first year as a student in economy in Iasi. Two girls from Campus Crusade knocked on her door and so she found out about a personal God. She understood God's love and grace and has accepted it. After that her life was changed and she wanted to help others to find God's love. For the last 12 years she has worked in the bank field, trying to combine work, family time and ministry. God called her specifically in the last year to let her job and to become a full part of His ministry, so she joined Campus Crusade.

We are glad because we start this year (2015) to work together in His ministry and we believe that this is the place where God wants us to be. We have two wonderfull children, David (6 years) and Luca (2 years) and we trust that God who called us will take care of us and our family. We want to work with God in reaching the people who needs Him as He worked through others to reach me and Carmen. May God help us!The way in which we share de Gospel is by organising evangelistic events and visiting student hotels and universities. Those who are opening their hearts and want to become God's children take part in bible studies (once a week) in order to help them to integrate in churches.
We also train and equip believers from local churches to have a ministry to the lost people in their community.
 We would like to invite you to become our ministry partners in two ways: through prayer and through financial support. If the Lord is leading you to join our ministry, please send us an e-mail with your address at We would like to thank you and to send you our prayer letters. May God bless you!