Marius and Ani Socea-Falca

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Serving the Lord with Campus Crusade for Christ International in Romania    

Dear friend in Christ,

It’s our privilege to introduce ourselves to you. We are Romanians and we got married in February 2013. We are serving in our country, trying to reach leaders, the influencers of our society, for Christ.

I, Marius, wanted to stand out, thinking that I was more special than others. I wanted to be the best, even though that meant to, sometimes, trample others under my feet. Still I felt unhappy, so I tried alcohol and extreme sports. Troubling questions were stirring up in my mind: “Why am I living? What is the meaning of life? Is there life after death?

Two days before I was drafted in the Army, a friend of mine spoke to me about Creation, sin and purpose of life, things that have fascinating me. I understood that sin separated me from God. That night I heard that Christ was the answer of love to hate. I asked for His forgiveness and I have surrendered my life to Him forever.

My faith was tested in many ways right from the beginning, in the Army. But I learned to put aside my ego and competition, looking rather to help those around me and share with them the love and forgiveness God has showed me through Jesus Christ.

I graduate from the Academy of sports and worked in the market place for 20 years. I also served as a volunteer with CCC since 1995 with Jesus film and among college students I felt His calling to give up my job and join full time ministry.

I, Ani, graduated from Finance and Banks and dreamed that one day I would become a successful businesswoman. I was searching for God but nobody seemed to know where He can be found. When my brother committed suicide, different questions came to my mind:”Why do we live on this earth?”, ”Does life exist after death?” Obviously the main one was: “Where is my brother now?”. Someone involved with Campus ministry explained to me how to receive Christ as my personal Saviour and Lord. I made that decision and I found in God peace, understanding and acceptance.

Soon I understood that there is no better investment of my life than to serve the Lord full time. In 1997 I joined Campus Crusade, even though, at that time, I had a very good and promising job at one of the largest bank in Romania.

Since then I worked in the ministry among students, I served for 5 years as the Financial Manager for Romania and I served in a Regional role, being part of the team that lead the 20 countries in Eastern Europe and Russia. 

 We got married in 2013 and we are working with passion to reach college students for Christ. We adopted Maria in December 2017 and our lives became richer.

We invite you to become our ministry partner through prayer and financial giving. Right now, we need an additional $300/mo. for both our salary and ministry expenses. In order to raise this so we can continue our ministry, we are looking for people to invest about $50-$100/mo. Any other amount is appropriate, of course

 If the Lord is leading you to join our ministry, this is how you can help:

Please send a check payable to Campus Crusade for Christ/CRU; our headquarter will send you a receipt
We will send you a prayer/news letter each 6 weeks with fresh news from the field for you to be able to know how to join us prayer and we will pray for you! Please send us your prayer requests.

With love and appreciation,

                                                                                                                                                                                                               Marius and Ani