Florin and Dana Fodor

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We are Florin, Dana, Justin and Irene Fodor. We joined the staff of Campus Crusade in 1995, and we are members of the First Baptist Church in Cluj-Napoca (the second biggest city in Romania).

Both of us came to know the Lord as college students, through the Romanian ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ. As we began our walk with God, we started sharing Jesus with our friends and other students. After becoming missionaries, for a period of eleven years (1995-2006), our job was to coordinate the Campus ministry for the North-West region of Romania. Through all these years, we have seen many students turning to Christ and placing their faith in Him.

After we have served God in Romania, in 2006 we moved to the Philippines along with our son (our daughter Irene was born in 2008 in Manila). We spent in Asia almost three years, doing missions and taking classes at the International Graduate School of Leadership. Church planting, Campus ministry, missions projects, or teaching Sunday School lessons, were just few of the ministry activities we did in the Philippines.

After earning an M.Div. degree from IGSL, we returned to Romania in 2009. Here, Florin served for three years as Campus director in our ministry in Cluj. Presently, he is coordinating the Leadership Development and Human Resources department. At a national level, we invest our time in developing effective leaders, growing people and healthy teams in order to accelerate movements everywhere. At a local level, Florin is preaching, evangelizing non-believers, coordinating a ministry among teachers, training Christians, and partnering with local churches. Dana is ministering to ladies incarcerated in prison, by leading a Bible study group, sharing the Gospel, making disciples and bringing hope to those behind prison walls.

Though Romania is now enjoying freedom, the truth is that many Romanians have never heard it is possible to have a personal relationship with Christ (only 2-3% of the population is evangelical). They have their eyes fixed on material possessions, hoping they will bring them happiness. Since the fall of communism in 1989, we have witnessed God blosson His church. But we believe still greater things are yet to come for Romania. 

As Campus Crusade staff, we were able to stay in the ministry for the last 24 years because of the faithful support of many brothers and sisters like you. We are now challenging you to consider investing in our ministry. Your prayers and giving can make a great difference here in Romania. May God richly bless you and your family.

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