Daniel and Alina Chiriluță

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Dear friend in Christ,

It’s a great privilege and an honor to introduce you to the work that the Lord our God has called us to be a part of, together, serving Him and winning the hearts of students for His Kingdom.

Alina and I come from two families that have Christian moral values at the core. But Alina’s father is not a Christian and has alcohol problems, which makes things a bit more difficult. We truly hope and pray that one day God will change his heart. 

Here’s our story:

DANIEL:“I have always known that going to church, praying and living according to the Bible have been very important to my parents. But even if I had them as a living example, I couldn’t strain to get away from hate, lies and a desire to do harm, thinking that because of my parents’ faithfulness I also would go to Heaven. I knew that God was seeing what I was doing but couldn’t care less. I ignored Him. One day, a friend of mine told me about his life and how he had a personal relationship with God.  I understood immediately that I had to accept Christ in a personal way and let Him be at the control of my life. So I prayed that He would come into my heart, cleanse me from sin, forgive my sins, be with me and change my life. I had to leave the group of friends I was associated with in doing a lot of bad things because I wanted to leave behind all lies and start living for the Truth. I started sharing with others about my relationship with God and tell them how they can receive his forgiveness too. 

ALINA: “I grew up believing that God exists but it was during high school when I started thinking seriously about God. I promised God if He helped me get into college I’ll be a better person. After I passed the exams I broke my promise, putting my trust in friends and neglecting God. In my 3rd year of college, I received an invitation to a meeting organized by Campus Crusade. There, I found out more about God and how He wanted to be involved in my life in a personal way. I understood that I had to put my trust in Him by accepting Him to come into my life. In the last two years of college I started being involved with Campus Crusade. I had the opportunity to participate in different meetings & events which helped me grow in faith but also encouraged me to be a witness to those around me. After graduating from college I answered God’s calling to His harvest and decided to join the Gospel ministry of Campus Crusade.”

I met Alina in Iasi while we both were involved as volunteers for Campus Crusade in our university’s campus.   While sharing our faith, we had the opportunity to meet many students that needed to hear the Good News and accept Christ. The need of all people to know God and His Word has convinced us that there’s no better place to invest our lives than obeying God and make Him known to students.


                  With love in Christ, 
                                Daniel & Alina Chiriluţă