Cristian and Ana Voiculescu

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I was born in a Christian family and my first memories are from the church I was going with my
grandmother. Growing up I started to act like a christian: I knew songs and Bible verses I would pray
every night but my heart was empty and I was afraid that I will die and and not go to heaven.
When I was 14 years old I understood that I need to receive Christ as my Savior and Lord, so I started
a long process of transformation in my life.

In my first year in University I met a student who was involved as a volunteer in Campus Crusade. I
saw him sharing the Gospel with the unbelievers in their rooms. Encouraged by him, the next year I
started to do the same with students from my city.
2003 was the year of big decisions in my life. God led me to work as a staff in Campus Crusade for Christ in


I could tell about myself that I was a religious child. I wanted to do my best to earn my place in heaven
but with no success.
When I was 11 years old I’ve found out that Jesus Christ earned a place in heaven for me. It was that
moment when I decided to put my trust in Him as Lord and Savior. In 1999 I moved to Bucharest to
study marketing at the Academy of Economic Studies. I decided to invest my time in this ministry and
I’ve never regretted my decision.
Finishing my studies…a turning point in my life: what should is do? In January 2003, I had a special
time in fasting and prayer to find out God’s will for me. His answer was like a dream came true: starting
with the year of 2003, I became part of Campus Crusade for Christ in Bucharest campus team.


We got married in September 2004. God blessed us with 2 boys that are 15 years old now.
We are part of the Romanian National Team coordinating the Student Ministry in Romania. We are
passionate to see movements of disciples that will help reach our country for Christ.