Ana Maric

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Unable to walk, but bold to speak

Dear Friends,

We would like to introduce to you our friend Ana-Luisa Maric. She is a recent graduate of Psychology from the University in Iasi and the newest to  become staff with Cru in Romania! Everything was going according to the plans we made: first that she would raise her support(she did!), then sign the work contract with us (did not make it!), and finally join the Campus ministry team from Iasi (Eastern Romania) this fall.  

But the unexpected happened on September 12th!

For Ana-Luisa, that day marks the „before and after” as long as she will live on this earth! She had the most horrible bicycle accident which left her paralysed. To this day, she is not able to walk although a very precise surgery and physical therapy have helped her recover some mobility.

Although she is immobilized in bed, Ana had already given four New Testaments and a Bible to two of her salon colleagues and to a few nurses. She confesses the Lord and speaks to all about the hope she has in Him! She soon became everyone's favorite. Nurses are coming often to her  hospital room to hear her talking about Jesus.  One nurse said that in thirty years she never met a person with such a great  attitude in the midst of trouble. No doubt she is living her call as a witness to the Lord in this new season.

But life is not simple for her now. We, as a community and organization, have continued to support her and encourage her in many tangible ways, but we would like to do more! 

We would like to dare and trust the Lord to raise the down payment for a first floor apartment, completely equipped for a wheelchair and disabled person to live in! We believe that the Lord will continue to use her in the ministry either among the college students (like the original plan) or online. We pray, hope and believe that Ana-Luisa will, one day, walk again.

We would  like to come alongside her parents and some other people the Lord would bring in, to trust the Lord and raise $20,000-$25,000 as the down payment?  

 Would you like to be part of this incredible story? Would you like to contribute with a one-time or several gifts of $300, $500 or even $1,000 at the end of this year? 

If you want to donate by check use the following informations:

CRU PO BOX 628222 Orlando Fl 32862-8222 Account: 1100338 (donation for Ana Maric)

Thank you and may God bless you!

Bless you in all you do, your work and business, your walk with Him be strong and fearless; may your children bless you and bless themselves with the right, godly choices. May He give you the desire of your heart. -Psalm 37